Bocarić Špiro

(Budva 1896-1941 Camp Jadovno ( Gospić)) He has studied in Venice at the academy - "The Royal Institute for the Arts". As he perfected the gift of painting, he had been working on cartoons for the so-called funny sheets or decorating the walls of the cabaret. It was considered for an excellent portrait, a representative of the Venetian School (painting). His portraits were characterized by extraordinary naturalness. On the other hand, his iconography shows his affiliation to Florentine school. In 1897, he settled in Sarajevo where he was engaged in painting. He had an iconographic firm in Sarajevo. For making the portrait he went to Mostar several times. In 1903, Spiro became editor of the new Sarajevo's month-old poetry album Ilustrovani Mali Svet ". From 1897 to 1914 he lived in Sarajevo, and then, until the end of his life in Banja Luka. He was the director of the National Museum in Banja Luka since its founding in 1930 until the Second World War.