Štetić Rizah

(October 11, 1908 – June 26, 1974) Rizah Štetić was a painter and graphic artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. From 1916 to 1924, he attended elementary and junior high school (high school together with Ismet Mujezinović, who, according to his own words, "infected" him with painting) in Brčko. In 1928, he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, where he graduated in 1932. In 1946, he studied in Prague at the Academy of Applied Arts, in 1955 in Paris. In 1965, he studied in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1946, he was appointed director of the State School for Crafts in Sarajevo, a position he held until 1950. That year, he was transferred to the professorship of painting at the State School of Fine Arts, where he taught until 1957. From 1957 until his retirement, he was the director of the high school for applied arts. He retired in 1972. He was the president of ULUBiH in 1954/55. years. In 1975, the "Rizah Štetić" gallery was opened in Brčko.



61×45 cm


Mountain landscape

85×68 cm


Still life

64×53 cm