Šeferov Vilko

(Mostar 1895 - Zagreb 1974) He enrolled in the Art School in Belgrade in 1912, and after the entrance exam he was admitted immediately to the third year. His professor was Vladimir Becic. Due to the beginning of the war, the Art School was closed and Vilko continued his studies at the Budapest Academy, which he completed in 1918. After graduating from the academy, he returned to Sarajevo, where in 1920 he built an atelier in the hills above Blazju. At the same time, Karlo Mijić built the atelier there, and Vladimir Becić already had a house built. It was the first painting colony in pre-war Yugoslavia. In 1924 he went to Zagreb and settled in Samobor. Since 1934 he has been exhibiting with a group of Croatian and Zagreb artists. One year after the founding of ULUH, he became secretary in 1945, and in 1947, the president of ULUH. He was re-elected to that post in 1961. In the United States, in 1951, he organized a series of successful solo exhibitions (New York, Pitsburgh, Los Angeles, Wilmingon, San Pedro, Fontana, Becherfield), in 1961 went to Egypt, and exhibited independently at the Cairo Modern Gallery. In 1967 he opened his own gallery in Rovinj with 100 works, created from 1937 to 1967. His works are in numerous private collections, museums and galleries in the country and abroad.

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