Mujezinović Ismar

(Osijek, 1942 - ) Ismar Mujezinović is engaged in painting, literature and film. He graduated in 1966 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in Zagreb. He was a collaborator on the film Battle on the Neretva, set designer and costume designer in the films 19 Girls and a Sailor and The Ninth Wonder in the East. He taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and in 1979 he left the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and regained his status as an independent artist. He was the author of the Olympic posters in 1984. He was the president of the Association of Fine Artists and the Association of Applied Artists of BiH, and as the president of ULUBiH, he started the implementation of the Collegium artisticum project, ten studios for young members of the society, a sales hall for ULUPUBiH, as well as a collective studio for the Zvono Group. He was the president of Donors of Culture at the Republic Assembly for Culture and in the Assembly for Culture of the City of Sarajevo. He was awarded the prize of the City of Sarajevo. He lives and works in Sarajevo, Lovrečica and Ljubljana.


Nightclub 2

60×50 cm