Mujezinović Ismet

Ismet Mujezinović was born on December 2, 1907 in Tuzla. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and after its completion he resided in France, where he studied art history at the Sorbonne. In October 1926, he held his first solo exhibition in Sarajevo. The first significant group of paintings, from a historical-critical aspect, consists of canvases painted in the then current constructive form, and among these, Mujezinović achieved the best within such an understanding in the portraits of the Čaldarović family, painted in 1927 during summer vacations in Bijeljina. He exhibited in Belgrade for the first time in 1930. The two years of his stay in Paris, from 1931 to 1933, cannot be tracked in the usual way, although Mujezinović was very productive then, as before and later. He didn't take many pictures. He expanded his interests to other areas, especially literature. He died in Tuzla on January 7, 1984. In his honor, an international studio and one of the two Tuzla high schools are named after Ismet Mujezinović.



Oil on cardboard
48,5×34,5 cm