Kujačić Mirko

MIRKO KUJAČIĆ (1901 - 1987) was an extremely engaged painter, a rebel with a palette characterized by a temperamental broad stroke, insistence on color, enthusiasm for the figure and pronounced individuality. Mirko Kujačić was born in 1901 in Nudol near Nikšić, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied technique, philosophy, acting and sculpture before finally choosing to paint. In the end, he ends up in Paris as a student of the great French painter André Lhote. As a student, in order to pay for his education, Kujačić drew and copied in the Louvre and sold his works to visitors of this world institution. Returning to Belgrade, he became the progenitor of social painting, in 1932 he published the Manifesto (left-wing, Marxist propaganda). The stay in Belgrade, however, directs him to current events expressionism. The intense application of paint, pastiness and deformed figure in scenes from the life of fishermen and the sea are a true reflection of his impulsive personality (Fishermen, 1930). In the period after the Second World War, he came to Montenegro, created works of poetic realism (Kanli kula, Portrait of the Father), but in the mid-sixties, he also captured his native Nudo, his highlanders, and his own face in an expressionistic way.



93×67,5 cm